The Benfits of Reducing Your Waste

I’ve started to think more and more about how much garbage we produce. While tidying up my apartment, I managed to collect about 3 small bags full of trash! Not that I’m eating snacks and throwing wrappers on the floor, but I’m talking about receipts, instructions that come with new products (and the packages that they come in), and I have to admit, there were a few chip bags and other garbage that had been on the kitchen counter… (I hate cleaning). On top of that, between my boyfriend and I, we throw out 1 small bag of garbage about every week! This garbage comes from pasta packaging, used paper towels and Kleenexes, meat packages and really just any other food package because, let’s face it, everything comes in a package. I decided that I would start learning about how I can reduce the amount of waste I produce. As I started looking into how I could do this, I realized that there are so many benefits to going waste free or even just reducing your waste!

The first (and most obvious) benefit is that I will be helping to decrease the amount of waste that ends up in landfills each year. This is a problem that many of us are very familiar with as it is talked about constantly. All the trash we produce has to go somewhere, and many of this trash is not biodegradable and will pretty much just sit in these landfills until the end of time. It’s pretty disgusting to think about – a bunch of holes filled with trash just scattered around the world, hanging out for eternity. Not to mention that the space that these landfills occupy, as well as the close surrounding areas, are inhabitable for obvious reasons. So, reducing landfills is a pretty obvious and important reason to go waste free, but it’s not the only one!

The environment and ecosystems are also at risk with our accumulating waste. Many sea animals are killed or injured every year by our garbage. Just Google it and you’ll see for yourself. It’s pretty sad, really. Our landfills are also occupying space that many animals may have lived in at some point, before we took over the land and stacked it high with garbage. Saving the animals (and potentially the future of mankind – it’s debatable) is another very important reason to consider going waste free.

Now, on a more “what benefits does this have for me, personally” note, think about what kinds of foods come in packages. Chips, candies, chocolate dipped granola bars, processed foods and many other items of little to no nutritious value. Now, think about what foods you can buy at an organic bulk food store: Nuts, rice, quinoa, vegetables, and fruits, all which are healthy and wholesome. By taking on a waste free challenge, you’ll be forced to change your diet and start eating healthier. By eating healthier, you’ll notice many changes in yourself. You’ll feel more confident. You’ll sleep better. You’ll probably feel more motivated to go to the gym. You’ll be happier. And this is just the beginning of the health benefits that come from going zero waste.

Lastly, I may not be able to make much of a difference on my own, but, if I post about it, maybe I’ll be able to convince a few more people to try going waste free, and a few more may become more conscious of the waste the produce, and for me, that’s more than enough!