3 Reasons Why I Started Blogging

There are a lot of reasons why a person should start a blog and today, I’m going to share some of the reasons why I decided I would start a blog.

Your Blog is Like Your Online Resume
Your blog is basically a resume. When you apply for jobs you can mention that you have a blog and ask them to check it out. When they land on your website they’ll see a number of things that may make you stand out above the crowd. For starters, simply having a functioning blog shows that you know how to use WordPress, which is not as common as knowing how to use Microsoft Office. If your content is good and you have a lot of traffic through your blog, it shows that you are socially intelligent. You know what your audience wants and you know how to track them down with social media by marketing yourself through Twitter, Instagram, Interest, Facebook, and everything else. They’ll also get a chance to check out your writing style. If your blog isn’t so great and you don’t have much traffic, at the very least they’ll be able to see how often you post, how consistent you are and how long you’ve been running your blog. This shows that you are motivated, because you are consistently thinking up new content and producing blog posts. You’re determined, because you didn’t give up after 1 month with no subscribers. You’re responsible, because you’ve promised your viewers a certain amount of posts per week or month and you live up to it. These are all wonderful skills to have when applying to any job. They show that you’re constantly learning new things and always ready for a challenge. The jobs that your blog is most likely to get you are freelance jobs! There are many freelance Social Media Coordinator jobs out there that will be able to check out your social media platforms and see for themselves that yes, you are very skilled with Hootsuite. You can apply for writing jobs and use your blog to show off your writing style and skills. Maybe you had a few posts where you needed to do some research, you can use these posts to apply for freelance writing positions that would require you to do research. Perhaps you love editing and proofreading. You can show off your error-free blog posts to get some freelance editing jobs. The possibilities are endless!

You Can Make A Lot Of Money
Although money should never be the first reason why anyone starts a blog (because I hear it can take a very long time to make any and you’re likely to lose motivation before you get anywhere), it’s a perfectly acceptable motivator to keep at it. If you truly love blogging, then the opportunity to make money is perfect because it will allow you to pay your bills by doing what you love. Everyone’s dream, right? There are many ways to make money, but basically the biggest, coolest ways are by collaborating with brands on your posts (they pay you to write a post where you boast about them a little and recommend their products), or by getting creative and selling some sort of product through your blog like scarves, books or soaps. Whatever your heart desires. Believe it or not, there are actually people out there making 6 figure salaries by blogging full time.

It’s a Relatively Low Cost and Exciting Hobby
It costs about $5.00 per month to maintain a blog, which is relatively cheap compared to other hobbies and interests. Running a blog is fun, but it also allows you to learn so much about business and computers, giving you new topics that you’ll feel comfortable socializing about and new skills that you can apply in all areas of your life (or maybe you’ll decide business or computer science is your calling and pursue a degree, who knows!). You can meet a lot of people from all around the world with all kinds of interests! You might meet a vegan blogger in the UK, a travel blogger in Australia, a fashion blogger in California and maybe a few mommy bloggers too! These people will mentor you and guide you through the first struggles of creating a blog, but they’ll also become your friends. You’ll actually make friends with common interests and personalities from all over the world! Blogging will allow you to join a community where you truly feel you belong. You’ll be invited to conferences like BlogHer, where you get enjoy various speakers and workshops on how to better your blog, all while hanging out with your community. And it will give you something to fall back on when other things in your life aren’t working.

So there you have it: The reasons why I started blogging. I intend to use this blog as proof of my skills, as a means of gaining an extra income and because I want to be a part of the amazing blogging community! If you have a blog, please feel free to share your reasons for starting up in the comments section, as I would love to hear them! If you want to start a blog, share why in the comments! (and yes, the book in my hands is Gone Girl, for any one who was wondering!)

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